Reducing cost and enhancing the value of support services through shared services, outsourcing, automation, process excellence and data analytics

On May 2nd, the Australian Government announced a reform package that will cut funding to Universities by AU$2.8billion, and abolish the 2014-15 plan to cut 20% in Government support for new student places. The 2017 Budget has settled for making students pay more for degrees that Universities will have less funds to provide.

Despite the disadvantages thrown at higher education sector, Universities must find new and alternate ways to continually improve their process and service while saving costs, in order to become more efficient, and provide an exceptional student experience.

With this in mind, IQPC is pleased to bring you the 3rd Higher Education Services Transformation Summit, a platform where Universities can engage and action strategic transformation.

The key themes for this event are:


Increasing the value of business services through Shared Services, Outsourcing, Automation, Process Excellence and Data Analytics


Transforming back office to ensure that it is as cost effective and efficient as possible


Attracting stakeholder buy in & implementing change management strategies to improve culture


Selecting appropriate operating structures


Enhancing student experiences with innovation, technology and digital

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Why You Need To Attend

Proven and practical experience is guaranteed at the 3rd Annual Higher Education Services Transformation Summit. Valuable ideas and practices will be experienced first hand through case studies presented by executives. You will learn from national and international Higher Education Transformation & Shares Services experts to gain insights, identify opportunities, and take away key strategies for successful operational structuring, managing resistance to change, and implementing & establishing finance function capabilities.

Interactive Sessions

100% new case studies and best practice examples by Australia’s leading higher education professionals

Real Situation Analysis

Interactive discussions including expert led panels and roundtables

ISO Technical Committee

Presence of prospective providers

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Incredible networking opportunities

Networking Opportunities

Interactive workshops to help you work through the most pressing challenges and develop key strategies you can implement back on the job

Who will you meet




Directors/ Associate Directors/ Heads
of Finance


Directors/ Associate Directors/ Heads
of Student Services


Directors/ Associate Directors/ Heads
of Shared Services


Directors/ Associate Directors/
Heads of HR


Directors/ Associate Directors/
Heads of IT and ICT


Directors/ Associate Directors/
Heads of Procurement