Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 18 October 2017

8:00 AM - 8:30 AM Registration and Welcome Coffee

8:30 AM - 8:40 AM Opening Remarks from the Chairperson

David Sams, Director, Student Experience, University of New South Wales


David Sams

Director, Student Experience
University of New South Wales


8:40 AM - 9:20 AM Keynote Case Study: Implications of Outsourcing and Centralising your Shared Services Model in order to Reduce Operating Costs and Excess Waste

Robert Webster, Director, Strategy, Planning and Performance, University of Western Australia Paula Langley, Director, Service Delivery, University of Western Australia
The University of Western Australia has been working on their centralised shared services model transformation for the last 14 months. Robert and Paula have together worked on over 5 different transformation services projects for the University of Western Australia over the last 7 years. Working together in the services transformation space, they will reveal how their current project in improving their process models has lead them to reduce waste by 18% over the last 13 months and reduced operating costs by 11% and counting.
· Improving process modelling in order to identify functions that can become part of a centralised service
· Discussing outsourcing in various departments and the implications of the impact on your service model
· Reducing operational costs by at least 10% in a 12 month transformation project & reducing waste by at least 12% with strategic implementation of new process models


Robert Webster

Director, Strategy, Planning and Performance
University of Western Australia

Paula Langley

Director, Service Delivery
University of Western Australia

9:20 AM - 9:50 AM Live Video Keynote: The Second Phase of the “Earn to Learn” Scheme Examining Work Readiness of Graduate

Ian Herbert, Deputy Director – Centre for Global Sourcing & Services, Loughborough University
Ian has released and presented on his “Earn to Learn” concept last year at the HET 2016 conference. This year he will present his findings from his newest whitepaper on the graduates entering the workforce. He will examine how many of the entry-level jobs that have traditionally provided graduates with training roles into professional functions such as finance, human resources, IT and procurement, are now being simplified, commoditised and offshored. Second, early offshore destinations, such as India and Malaysia are now developing as centres of service expertise, poised to compete for higher level work in roles such as management intelligence and business partnering.
· Exploring how shared services centres in high education can potentially do better in placing graduates into the workforce
· How can we enhance the culture for new students entering the corporate world?
· Examining the organisational perspective
· Sorting our the root of the problem instead of resorting to digital implementation


Ian Herbert

Deputy Director – Centre for Global Sourcing & Services
Loughborough University

9:50 AM - 10:30 AM Delivering a Model of Integrated Service Management to Provide Seamless Service that is Transparent, Efficient and Consistent

Sharone Ciancio, Director, Corporate Services, Australian Catholic University
ACU has grown rapidly in the last six years, resulting in a greater complexity and increased volume of service requests and enquiries. Sharone is currently leading a two year project to deliver a single platform for staff to access a wide range of Corporate Services. The project has just completed the Assessment stage of the project and is embarking on the Design stage. Sharone will share the experience of the last 12 months and what is planned over the coming 12 months.
· Embedding an organisational wide approach to service excellence and improvements.
· Driving cultural change and service delivery to be driven by the Service User experience.
· Fostering a collaborative approach to mapping and redesigning business processes
· Developing an overarching and consistent service management model for students and staff by tailoring systems, processes and standards that enhance the experience for service providers and service users.
· Enhancing student services services to staff through providing a complete, end-to-end enquiry management system
· Providing a multi-functional service delivery platform to optimise service delivery in technological and network domains


Sharone Ciancio

Director, Corporate Services
Australian Catholic University

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM How to Establish, Roll-Out, Maintain & Grow an Effective Shared Service Center Based on Various Scopes & Budgets

Solution Provider Thought Leader Session

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM Morning Tea Break

11:30 AM - 12:10 PM Executing Transformation, Productivity and Efficiency through Engaged Shared Services Employees

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Having the right people to back the transformation can make or break whether ideas are successfully executed. Employee engagement and retention is directly related to the social fabric of a business and the use of change champions is critical to facilitate this. At University of Southern Queensland, the HR transformation has been assisted by carefully selecting key change champions to help facilitate and pioneer the transformation process. In addition, USQ are currently in their first phase of their HR Transformation, that being, technologic automation. This session will discuss:
• Identifying critical roles which drive HR transformation to act as change champions
• Selecting and setting up a network of change champions and change agents to act as bridges between getting an idea across and using change champions to execute the idea
• Ensuring the right key message is delivered to the wider organisation
• Facilitate the implementation of new working practices that drive innovation
• Develop the people filling these roles and ensure full training and engagement in transformation process

In this interactive panel discussion, experts will come together to discuss how data analytics is collected and used to support decision making and forecast areas for revenue growth and cost savings. In addition, our experts will analyse other positive impacts and functions of data analytics.
• Using data analytics to align department functions to university objectives to generate revenue
• How to leverage data analytics to move strategic functions up the value chain and become a key strategic partner?
• Measuring the value of staff (including casual staff) and student capital through data analytics


Brian Bayley

Technology Innovation Manager
University of Sydney

David Gunsberg

Director, IT Planning and Engagement
Griffith University

Bradley Vines

Director Information Technology
Waikato Institute of Technology

12:50 PM - 1:50 PM Lunch and Networking Break

1:50 PM - 2:30 PM Developing Centralised Support Services Hub through Automation and Use of Analytics to Enhance Student Services

Universities today are actively involved in enhancing student experience through proactively providing timely and targeted answers to students. Using analytics and automation within a centralised core support services hub, universities are able to provide information that is easily accessible and at the same time manages to cut down on the resources needed. James and Janelle are currently rolling out a support services hub at Charles Darwin University that is changing the way that their student services are being offered.
· Doing more with limited resources and identifying key capabilities
· Identifying achievable targets linked to student satisfaction
· Understanding the student touch points through analytics to reduce the efforts to access information

2:30 PM - 3:10 PM Case Study: Driving Strategic Leadership, Planning and Commercial Operations at CQUniversity

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Alastair is responsible for the oversight and strategic management of the facilities and services that support the overall operations of the CQUniversity. They have just embarked on a significant renewal and development process that seeks to improve service delivery in their shared services and outsourcing models. By also implementing better practice and increasing market share across a large multi-city university campus structure, CQUniversity is currently undergoing a Services transformation that is critical to their coming years.
· Selecting the correct operating model for your university program
· Transforming the business sector to incorporate a shared services model
· Turning around your business sector to incorporate forecasting, planning and budgeting to ensure your university is ready for future predictions
· Embedding leadership into your education transformation to ensure process efficiency and staff engagement to progress and complete your transformational journey

3:10 PM - 3:40 PM Afternoon Tea Break

3:40 PM - 4:20 PM Attracting Funding from Key Stakeholders to Assist in Back Office Transformation

Professor Liz Burd, Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching, The University of Newcastle
As the Dean of Undergraduate Education, Liz has lead significant transformation and contributions to many areas of the University Education portfolio. She has also gained funding from the EPSRC/ESRC’s Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP) to the value of $1.5 million to continue aspects of the CETL’s work on learning space. Not only transforming the learning and teaching aspect of University of Newcastle, Liz has also embedded strategies for the back office to increase their process efficiency to enhance the technology usage of students on campus.
· Strengthening your teams to conduct and manage research
· Exploring conducted research that enable the creation of the technology enhanced campus
· Attracting funding from key stakeholders that can aid in significant transformation
· Discussing SynergyNet and the potential to completely change the nature of the computer user interfaces and beyond


Professor Liz Burd

Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching
The University of Newcastle
The Audience will ask Higher Education Leaders the most pressing questions they have about transforming their Universities in their IT, HR, Shared Services, Procurement and Student Innovation Departments. Each expert will be asked 3 questions from the audience and will respond in under 3 minutes. Come with your questions ready to be answered for this exclusive session with Australia’s leading experts. Prepare to take these practical strategies back on the job!


David Sams

Director, Student Experience
University of New South Wales

Nicole Bunning

Director, Human Resources
Queensland University of Technology

Professor Liz Burd

Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching
The University of Newcastle

Joel Chibert

Director, Research and Revenue Accounting Services
Monash University

David Gunsberg

Director, IT Planning and Engagement
Griffith University

5:00 PM - 5:00 PM Summary Remarks from the Chairperson & Close of Day Two