Post- Conference Master Classes: Thursday, 19 October 2017

Master Class A

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Focusing on the Why: Escalating Impact of Service Transformation on Graduate Outcomes

In Australia, across disciplines, approximately 30% of university graduates have not secured full-time employment four-months after completing their degrees. In some disciplines, more than half of graduates are unhappily unemployed. The vision or mission of most Australian universities, as articulated in their strategic plans, includes words such as graduate outcomes, employability, careers and leading industry. While there are ample university services designed to nurture employability, one of the barriers to high impact is that these services tend to operate in separate siloes. These services can end-up in competition for students’ time and attention. Metaphorically, universities offer students a flight. Students can choose their airline and they don't have to pay until they arrive. However, they don't know what their destination will be. They have to trust that the airline has chosen wisely on their behalf. What if that's not where they will be happy, and how do they pack their bag?
In this workshop, our facilitator will support you to identify (and transform) employability services and supports for advanced graduate employability. In this evidence-based workshop, our facilitator will walk-us-through compelling results from national Australian research into employability, including dissonance in the perspectives of students, graduates, employers, educators (and other university staff).
Key Learning Areas:
-Applying national Australian employability research results.
-Selecting frameworks and models to move from employability service siloes to consistency and coherence.
-Transforming student learning services and supports for heightened graduate success.

Master Class B

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Driving Operational Efficiency Through Shared Services Transformation

In this workshop, David explores the core elements of Swinburne University of Technology’s services transformation journey to date and the measures other universities can adopt to ensure and enhance operational efficiency. David will explore how universities can begin to select the appropriate operating structures to reduce operational costs and enhance the value of university support services.
Key Learning Areas:
· Having a clear understanding of shared services and centralised operating models
· Integrating technologies to support teaching and enhance the student experience/ student services
· Exploring and adopting measures to enhance the universities operating efficiency

Master Class C

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Learning How to Engage and Execute Transformation through Culture Change

Nicole Bunning, Director, Human Resources, Queensland University of Technology
Queensland University of Technology has successfully gone through a major transformation by restructuring the way that they run their university. In this interactive workshop, Nicole will lead you through how they identified roles within universities that were sporadically carried out, highly dispersed and fragmented and instead looked at how those roles could have been done better. By attending this workshop, you will gain practical takeaways:
Key Learning Areas:
• Understanding key strategies to implement effective change management
• Learning to select the right people to engage in the change process
• Selecting and using the right tools to facilitate the change process


Nicole Bunning

Director, Human Resources
Queensland University of Technology

Master Class D

4:30 PM - 6:30 PM How to Adopt Agile Practices at the Operational, Tactical and Strategic Level to Become more Efficient

Doug Hinchcliffe, CEO, & Dean, Adjunct Professor, Kings Own Institute
More than half of Australia’s universities are ranked among the top 500, or top 5 per cent, in the world. A quarter of their students are from overseas, and over a fifth of their students are from Asia. With student enrolment increasing per year, it is crucial to provide them with more personalised and customised service. In this workshop, Doug will offer you practical insights on how to integrate agile management practices to breakdown faculty silos to create greater collaboration and transparency in your back office transformation.
Key Learning Areas:
• Exploring how to work together to leverage resources and knowledge
• Learning how to become more agile through sharing information, resources and processes
• Leveraging agile governance and reporting on an operational, tactical and strategic level


Doug Hinchcliffe

CEO, & Dean, Adjunct Professor
Kings Own Institute