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10 things to ensure effective services transformation in higher education

Whether you are at the planning and launching stage or are three years in, services transformation is a continuous journey, driven by internal maturity and readiness; as well as external forces such as student expectations and changes in technology.
In this article, we’ve summarised 10 key elements universities should consider to ensure effective and successful services transformation. Each step has been put together to cater for universities at different stages of the journey, based on feedback from attendees at last year’s Higher Education Shared Services Conference.

Integrating Service Optimisation Strategies to Drive Efficiency and Student Experience at UNSW

Ahead of the Higher Education Service Transformation 2017 event we chat to David Sams, Director of Student Experience at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Business School, who have recently undergone their own service transformation. In this article David explores the process behind the recent service optimisation transformation at the UNSW Business School, and further delves into the student experience benefits of back office service transformation.  

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Driving business efficiencies through finance transformation at Monash University

In 2009, the Monash Finance team embarked on a transformation journey with the objective to improve efficiency, achieve operational cost savings and enhance financial governance across the organisation.
Five years on, and the university has realised some impressive results – including a 20 per cent reduction in the cost of finance across the organisation and an increase in internal customer satisfaction from 55 per cent to 80 per cent.
In this article, Nicole Tournier, Director of Finance Strategy at Monash, shares her insights into the steps her team took to improve operational efficiencies, move finance up the value curve and the lessons learned along the journey so far.

Streamlining University Services for Students & Staff

Ahead of the Higher Education Service Transformation Summit 2017 we chat to Sharone Ciancio, Director of Corporate Services at ACU. Sharone shares with us details of ACU’s service transformation journey, including the implementation of an Integrated Service Management Model, and delves into how this process optimisation is enhancing the university experience for students and staff alike.

Exploring service transformation strategies and benefits at 5 of Australia's leading universities

 Ahead of the Higher Education Service Transformation 2017 Summit we look at the strategies employed by five Australian universities to streamline their shared services and further explore the impact these transformations are having on efficiency, operational costs and the student experience .

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Transforming Student Accommodation through an Innovative Public-Private Partnership

In this past presentation from Higher Education Service Transformation 2016, Damien Israel, Chief Financial Officer at the University of Wollongong explores:

  • Best practise management of major risks
  • Importance of project governance
  • Ongoing management and operational arrangements

University Wide Framework for Research Support Transformation in Order to Move Towards a Commoditisation Model

In this past presentation from Higher Education Service Transformation 2016, Richard Palmer Director of ICT Coordination, former Monash University explores:

  • Understanding adequate levels of data retention and future uses for data management
  • Transitioning research support to commodity model
  • Challenges and bespoke solutions specific to research requirements

University of Canberra’s Admissions Transformation to improve the Student Journey

In this past presentation from Higher Education Service Transformation 2016, Scott Nichols, Director of Student Administration & Planning, at the University of Canberra explores:

  • Conceptualising and developing the re-imagined admissions process for improved user uptake
  • Stakeholder engagement during development and implementation of transformation
  • Overview of some of the key components and lessons learnt